cloudLibrary eAudiobooks

eAudiobooks are now being offered to KRLS patrons through the cloudLibrary by Bibliotheca. These eAudiobooks can be checked out using the same cloudLibrary App that is used for eBooks. A 5 item checkout limit exists for a combination of both eBooks and eAudiobooks through the cloudLibrary.

  • Download the cloudLibrary App to your device.
    • This is the same app used for checking out and reading eBooks. If you already have the app, you do not need to download it again.
    • Instructions for downloading the app to compatible devices can be found by clicking here.
  • To search for only eAudiobooks within the cloudLibrary, click on Audio Books under Filters.
    • To view eAudiobooks available for immediate checkout, click on Available Now under Filters.
  • To view your checked out eAudiobooks, click on My Books.
    • eAudiobooks can be downloaded to the cloudLibrary app for offline listening to iOS and Android devices and can be streamed through an internet connection on other devices.Picture1
  • Please note that downloading of eAudiobooks to an MP3 player is no longer available, as eAudiobooks must be played using the cloudLibrary app. Tablets, smartphones, and other devices compatible with the app may download up to 5 eAudiobooks for offline listening, as long as the device storage is sufficient for the files.

6 thoughts on “cloudLibrary eAudiobooks

    • eAudiobooks can be downloaded onto any device that the Cloud Library app is available on. For a list of compatible devices the Cloud Library app is available on, visit: . Unfortunately, the ability to transfer eAudiobooks to mp3 players that do not have the required software for the Cloud Library is unavailable. If you have any further questions, feel free to call or e-mail your local KRLS branch library.

    • Thank you for your question. Purchasing does not happen during the month of December or early January for new eMaterials due to our budgeting process. New eBooks and eAudiobooks were added the cloudLibrary today. Happy reading!

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